Knowing Everything About Ice Marijuana Seeds

Knowing Everything About Ice Marijuana Seeds

Posted On: Dec 31st, 2022

In this breakdown guide for recommendations and knowledge we cover everything to do with the Ice strain. From the name to its potent effects, everything is discussed and broken down to present the best piece of information.

What are Ice Marijuana seeds?

Ice marijuana seeds are a hybrid strain created by combining Northern Lights and Skunk 1. It has a lemony, citrusy, and earthy scent. It became popular in the early 2000s while loved by novice smokers and hardcore stoners.

Growing Ice Marijuana

This strain is loved by growers, because it can thrive while growing in indoor and outdoor areas. The great thing about the growing Ice marijuana seeds is that they're resistant to many diseases that infect plants. Creating a good choice for new growers or those looking for an easy growing session. Like most plants, it can produce a higher yield when grown outdoors compared to indoors, but it can take up to 3 months before your buds can be harvested. So growing indoors may be the better way to go if you live in a cold climate, as this strain needs a lot of warmth to reach its full potential.

THC and CBD Levels

This strain may not be the highest in THC, but it still packs a pretty decent punch. Its THC levels are around %16- %20 with low CBD levels. Those levels make it a perfect strain for recreational users because of the incredible body high it delivers. Medical marijuana consumers could benefit from the many effects produced by Ice marijuana seeds as well.

The Effects

Most consumers enjoy the minty-citrus flavor, but this strain can hit you with couch-lock pretty hard. This makes it nice for those with anxiety looking to chill out, or anyone just trying to relax. Almost 50 percent of users claim Ice marijuana helps with pain and stress, which is why medical users prefer this strain. These seeds can also help relieve pain from headaches or everyday aches. Ice marijuana is also a great strain for making hash and edibles because of the many trichomes that cover its buds and leaves.

Buying ice marijuana seeds

There are many places to buy marijuana seeds these days. Ice is one of the most trusted and reliable places to go when purchasing your seeds online. There are plenty of strains available to choose from, and 24/7 friendly customer support is ready to help with any questions!

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