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We're still looking for that sweet underground poetry. Jane Crown will continue to track the upcoming poets and artists from around the world, regardless of donations. Maintrain publishing and performance channels will not be where we look for new talent. Coffeehouses, bars, or community centers are where you find the true underground poetry scene. This form of artistic expression can only be found outside of a mainstream platform. Artists here challenge the status quo and the norms of society, which is what makes underground poetry so beautiful.


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Schedule of Upcoming Shows for Jane Crown

At Jane Crown Poetry you can listen in on these great poets. Jane Crown underground poetry is where talent is found and writers blossem as artists. Award winning poetry gathered in this underground corner of the internet. Check out the poetry radio schedule and past poets.

Jane always airs at 4 pm Central time.
Date	Guest
May 3rd,2009	Christoph Cassamasimma
May 9, 2009	Gerald Locklin
May 10, 2009	Marc Hofstadter
May 17, 2009	Lyn Lifshin, hosted by Stephen Morse
 and co-host Joseph Trombatore
May 24, 2009	Naomi Lowinsky
May 31, 2009	Dan Albergotti
June 7, 2009	Zack Rogow
June 14, 2009	Barbara Crooker
June 21, 2009	Ruth Wildes Schuler
June 28, 2009	Judy Wells
July 12, 2009	Robert King
July 26, 2009	Michael Adams
August 2, 2009	Jack Henry
August 9, 2009	Julie Valin
August 16, 2009	Todd Cirillo
August 23, 2009	William Taylor, Jr.
August 30, 2009	Leo Briones
September 5, 2009	Patrick Playter Hartigan
September 6, 2009	John Macker
Spetember 7, 2009	William Doreski
September 13, 2009	Eric Paul Shaffer
September 20, 2009	Rachel Pollack
September 27, 2009	Achy Obejas
October 18th,2009	Joseph Trombatore
November  7th,2009	Andrena Zawinski
November 14,2009	Linda Benninghoff
November 21st,2009	Clarinda Harris
November 28th,2009	D. Garcia Wahl
December 13th,2009	Charles Ries
December 27th,2009	Richard Vargas

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